Changing Roles of Girls in Movies

There are a lot of different works of literature that display the changing roles of girls throughout history. Movies from these works have played a role in how we see girls and their place in life. Classrooms around the country will utilize the Anne of Green Gables DVD as a resource. In many instances this is used because students are currently reading this book by L. M. Montgomery.

Others are focusing on excerpts from this work to reinforce other subject matter. There are theater performances surrounding Montgomery’s work and her character Anne Shirley. Girls of various ages were depicted in the movies from some of the first productions. Curly headed, cute, and innocent examples were displayed in virtually every genre. Some movies, however, pushed the limits.

Examples of Tough Times

The existence of an orphan and the real challenges this presents was rarely seen in the movies. The Anne of Green Gables DVD approached a sensitive topic. Not only having lost her parents was one issue. Being adopted and expected to be a boy is another troubling experience for a young girl. The transformation of the main character offers many true occurrences.

Possibilities of the Future

Anne of Green Gables DVD

As people got accustomed to seeing girls handle tough times, they came to expect this at some level. Movies of this sort can be used as examples of what happened over time. This is a tool for not only literature classes but even those studying history and current events.

There have long been conversations about whether life reflects art or not. Anne Shirley certainly displayed a girl who had definite views. She served as a great example of how girls approached growth and maturity. As times changed, so did the predictions that movies produced. DVD resources help teachers to reinforce lessons and provide students with effective frames of reference.